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HOEZO! Sustainability


HOEZO! is partner of  De Normaalste Zaak , an initiative of MVO Nederland, AWVN and Start Foundation. De Normaalste Zaak is a network of SME entrepreneurs and large employers who consider it 'the most normal thing' that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in the labor market according to their ability. From HOWOO! we regularly offer work experience places for people with a greater distance from the labor market and internships for students. For support at conferences, we often collaborate with local SW companies and we deploy freelancers with disabilities for photography, design, as a speaker and as a (musical) intermezzo.


We take a critical look at our work for a green working and living environment. There are various parts where HOEZO! operates as sustainably as possible, such as carpooling, digital communication, collaboration with local and regional suppliers and reuse of material. In addition, a representative of HOEZO! member of the Green Meeting Industry Council and involved in establishing a Dutch Chapter. In this collective, locations, agencies and suppliers work together with the aim of providing an effective green network & education to its members, as well as measurably increasing the number of green accommodations, services and business meetings.

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